When is the right time to get married?

That is a hard question because there are so many successful marriages. People who have dated for two months, a year and who are happily married. Then there is some who dated for 3 years, 5 to 6 years before marriage and are happily married too.

But then there are marriages who have dated two months or a year and are divorced. There’s also people who have dated for 2 to 6 years or longer before marriage and have divorced.

So when is it the right time to get married? I have heard that if a man never brings up marriage to you, then you are not the one for them. Do you think that is true?

For me marriage is a beautiful thing that you will share with someone who completes your whole. I have been married before and with my experience it was the worse decision I made. And I’ am going to be honest. I dated this person for a short period of time, didn’t really get to know him or his family. Then once we were married, a month later he turned to a different person and I tried to hide it from my friends and family until I couldn’t take it anymore. We didn’t make it to a year and he tried to destroy my life after. I’m not saying if you date some one for a short period of time before marriage your marriage will fail. I’m Just explaining my experience and how that didn’t work for me and scared me.

Now back to the original question, for me I rather date the first two years, then be engaged for about 2 or 3 years before marriage. I will never be in a rush to marry anyone ever again, no matter how much I think this person completes me. I just want a bond that no one can break, best friend, lover, protector and God fearing man. Build together, dream together and be each other peace. Marriage will be the topping on the cake.

What are you guys thoughts? Leave a comment or send a message thanks!

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