One day I pray that the people in the world would understand that we all are human and deserve to be treated equal. No matter what race or ethnicity you are we have to respect each other and know that we are unique in our own ways and shouldn’t be treated like animals because of who we are.

Yes we know that all lives matter as a black person but we say Black Lives Matter too because a lot of people forget that we are human and that our lives should matter too. That we should be treated equal as anyone else and that we shouldn’t be scared to leave our houses everyday not knowing if we are coming back because the color of our skin.

Dear white people,

As black/minorities we need to have a conversation with you white people. With God in our hearts, emotion, empathy and compassion. We need you to hear us! To the white people that say oh well he shouldn’t have had counterfeit money or the police officer was doing his job. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Even if you say oh I’m praying for you guys but don’t teach yourself about our history or do anything or raise awareness. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. To watch this man be handcuff and have almost 200 pound man kneel on his neck til his last breath, if that didn’t make you want to stand up for equality and unity then you are the problem. We need to have a conversation. You can enjoy our music, clothes, go to church with us, have your hair like us but can’t understand our pain. You are the problem. We need to have a conversation dear white people. It’s time to stand up! We want you to understand. It’s time to talk. We are all equal, we are all human and we are all God’s children.
May God bless every one and open every ones minds.

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