Losing my Dad

2020 has been a rough year for everyone, people losing jobs, losing business, pandemic, death, being quarantine and trying to keep your family safe.

Well unfortunately I lost my dad to Covid19 April 18, 2020. What hurts me the most through this pandemic he was in the hospital alone fighting for his life. And that is going to be something I will have to heal from. My dad was a cool, calm, collective, funny, strong, wise, family oriented, outgoing, loving father and husband. He always was giving advice about life choices or his experiences. He was the greatest man I knew, so much integrity.

We were very close, talked almost everyday, sometimes we would be on the phone for up to a hour or more. He didn’t know but he was my strength, he got me through a lot in life. He taught me to be strong, a hard worker and to always enjoy life. He always said you only get one life, there is no point of stressing over the little things. If you can get it done get it done, If you cant then eventually you will be able to. I would call him crying about life situations and he would just say breath baby girl, God got you. And just that would calm my nerves. We have so much of the same personality that sometimes we would bump heads because we both thought we knew it all. Then later on we would figure out that one of us was right lol.

He was my bestfriend, one of the most important person in my life. I will always keep him in my heart and remember all the good memories. And not let the last few weeks of his life hunt me. I love you dad with all my heart to the moon and back. And you will truly be missed, I pray I make you proud.

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