Self Healing

6 steps of self healing for me.

I am still learning new ways and techniques to self heal. One thing I did learn is that your body can be a self healing organism if you let it.

1.) Exercise Therapy – I do a lot of walking.

2.) Believe in yourself – Finding out your purpose and knowing you can accomplish it. Have self confidence in yourself and learn new things.

3.) Self Motivation- Being happy with what your doing, having passion, getting things done to get where you need to be.

4.) Family and friend support- Have people in your life that understands you, pushes you to be the best and give you good advice to make you better not break you down.

5.) Change Environments- Sometimes you have to change work, where you live or even the people in your life to have a peace of mind.

6.) Meditation- Take a couple minutes everyday to yourself, clear your mind and breath.

And the biggest one of them all praying! What are some ways you do to self heal? Comment below, love to hear your thoughts as I am still learning and working on myself.

4 replies on “Self Healing”

Always take care of your self first. Make a plan don’t let any one take that away. We can do anything if we let God lead us . He will never leaves us.Rest eat healthy and exercise. Pray your family is here for you. Take time out for you and your girls. Every thing else put on the back burner. Good writing keep it up . Beautiful I love it.

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These are great, I do a lot of these things as well. Lately it has been helpful for me to fine new hobbies. Whether its doing diy projects, taking care of plants or writing.. anything that helps to keep me busy that I also enjoy doing. I also force myself to get out, I usually end up enjoying myself when I do.

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