Mental Health in the Black Community.

First let me start by talking about the stigma that surrounds minority mental health. We grow up thinking that seeking professional help for mental health is a white person thing or weakness. Or how we always say “he is a strong black man” or “she is a strong black woman” because of what they been through, they don’t need help or they got this. Being strong is a good thing but acknowledging when you need help or when you are about to break down is showing that strength. In our communities people are scared to ask for help when it comes to their mental health. This is when we need more leaders, nonprofit organizations, doctors or people who have dealt with mental health to show the communities that we are here for them.

I have dealt with my own mental health issues and a lot of people I know are dealing with it right now. One thing there is different types of mental health issues and mental health illness. This is why its so important for us to get resources out there in our communities so you or your loved ones can be diagnosed correctly. If you do your research it even says that the black community do not seek help because they can’t afford it. And this is why we need free services too!

I’m not a professional but my advice to you is to seek self care, seek professional help, control your anger while making decisions, be in touch with your emotions, talk to your primary doctor they can refer you to someone and ask questions! Its important to ask the professional questions such as have you treated someone black or with kids etc. Just know it will be a safe place where there is no one cutting you off, pointing fingers or not listening.

Mental health is okay, you are not alone, we are here for you! I pray if you are dealing with this please seek help and spread your knowledge and resources to your community to make us better and strong.

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We really need to get rid of the stigma that going to see a therapist or having mental health or illness is something to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. I’m sure that almost everyone has something they are dealing with and it’s a great idea to get help from a professional or even just someone you’re close too! Men especially have a hard time accepting that it’s okay to cry or ask for help. Such a great read!

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Absolutely on point! It’s takes a strong person to seek help and growth. mental health & wellbeing should not be limited by income or ability to pay, these services must be available to everyone.


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