What does motivation means to you?

For me its to have ambition or desire to work hard towards something or anything. But its more than that, there’s 6 elements to motivation that I believe will help you start your motivation.

1.) Network- to build a foundation, meeting new people who can do good for you vice versa.

2.) Relationships- Having good relationships with your family and friends. And knowing when to cut people off that do no good for you.

3.) Budget- Setting yourself up for your next 5 to 10 years. Learning to save and pay off debt.

4.) Physical/Body- Your body is a temple, treat it right. Simple! Making sure your physical home is your peace.

5.) Yourself- Learning yourself and how you view the world. Knowing who you are.

6.) Spiritual- Higher Belief, who ever or whatever it may be. Own it!

And a big thing ACTION, without action nothing happens!

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