Okay. Money is a big deal so why is it not being taught in schools? I don’t have the answer to that but I believe as parents we should teach them young about money.

As I became a teenager my dad kept telling me to stay at home with him til I was 25 years old to save my money but he never went into depth about why. So in my mind I just thought he wanted to keep me home cause I was his baby girl. As I got older pass 25 years old, I realize that it was more to why he would tell me to stay home. I was too busy trying to find this so called LOVE. And I know I am not the only one!

We need to change the cycle in the black communities! Living check by check, struggling, no resources and no education.

Our kids are the future and I know for me I definitely don’t want my girls to make the same mistakes I made.

So let’s teach them about money!

1.) Budgeting

2.) Planning

3.) Earning

4.) Saving

5.) Investing

6.) Debt

7.) Credit

8.) Set future goals

9.) Their own bank account

10.) No impulse buying

There is plenty of kid friendly books, even books for yourself if your not educated about certain things and its okay. It took me 30 years to finally have a savings and learn about credit. Which I got my credit score up 20 points! So its never to late, this is America and money is America and you need to be able to survive here.

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Agreed! A basic class about balancing a checkbook, how to create a budget, how to manage money, what does interest mean etc. All things my mom taught me but so many of my friends didn’t know about and made some bad decisions which took them awhile to recover from.
All the decisions we make when it comes to money immediately impacts our credit which once damaged is very difficult to restore.

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