Food Alert!!!!!

Couple dishes I have made within the last year! Come check it out!

Jerk Chicken
Meatloaf dinner
Rice noodle soup
Pepper soup and FuFu
Peanut butter ribs
Stuffed Pasta Shells
Creamy Garlic Chicken
Birria Tacos
Fish & Asparagus
Avocado & Egg sandwich

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Okay. Money is a big deal so why is it not being taught in schools? I don’t have the answer to that but I believe as parents we should teach them young about money.

As I became a teenager my dad kept telling me to stay at home with him til I was 25 years old to save my money but he never went into depth about why. So in my mind I just thought he wanted to keep me home cause I was his baby girl. As I got older pass 25 years old, I realize that it was more to why he would tell me to stay home. I was too busy trying to find this so called LOVE. And I know I am not the only one!

We need to change the cycle in the black communities! Living check by check, struggling, no resources and no education.

Our kids are the future and I know for me I definitely don’t want my girls to make the same mistakes I made.

So let’s teach them about money!

1.) Budgeting

2.) Planning

3.) Earning

4.) Saving

5.) Investing

6.) Debt

7.) Credit

8.) Set future goals

9.) Their own bank account

10.) No impulse buying

There is plenty of kid friendly books, even books for yourself if your not educated about certain things and its okay. It took me 30 years to finally have a savings and learn about credit. Which I got my credit score up 20 points! So its never to late, this is America and money is America and you need to be able to survive here.



What does motivation means to you?

For me its to have ambition or desire to work hard towards something or anything. But its more than that, there’s 6 elements to motivation that I believe will help you start your motivation.

1.) Network- to build a foundation, meeting new people who can do good for you vice versa.

2.) Relationships- Having good relationships with your family and friends. And knowing when to cut people off that do no good for you.

3.) Budget- Setting yourself up for your next 5 to 10 years. Learning to save and pay off debt.

4.) Physical/Body- Your body is a temple, treat it right. Simple! Making sure your physical home is your peace.

5.) Yourself- Learning yourself and how you view the world. Knowing who you are.

6.) Spiritual- Higher Belief, who ever or whatever it may be. Own it!

And a big thing ACTION, without action nothing happens!




Located in St Paul, Minnesota. The coffee and food was amazing and on top of that the service was awesome and friendly. Check out what we got below.

Rainbow Latte
Campfire Latte
Pimento Bacon and egg Sandwhich
BLT Pimento Sandwhich


Jasmine Thai in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota!

So I absolutely love this place. I got Thai fried rice, Steam dumpling and Som Tom which is a Papaya Salad. The fried rice was sweet, buttery and with a lot of flavors. Steam dumplings were steamed perfectly and just melt in your mouth and the Som Tom very sweet and very spicy with the right amount of blend. Go try them out, you wont be disappointed.


Mental Health in the Black Community.

First let me start by talking about the stigma that surrounds minority mental health. We grow up thinking that seeking professional help for mental health is a white person thing or weakness. Or how we always say “he is a strong black man” or “she is a strong black woman” because of what they been through, they don’t need help or they got this. Being strong is a good thing but acknowledging when you need help or when you are about to break down is showing that strength. In our communities people are scared to ask for help when it comes to their mental health. This is when we need more leaders, nonprofit organizations, doctors or people who have dealt with mental health to show the communities that we are here for them.

I have dealt with my own mental health issues and a lot of people I know are dealing with it right now. One thing there is different types of mental health issues and mental health illness. This is why its so important for us to get resources out there in our communities so you or your loved ones can be diagnosed correctly. If you do your research it even says that the black community do not seek help because they can’t afford it. And this is why we need free services too!

I’m not a professional but my advice to you is to seek self care, seek professional help, control your anger while making decisions, be in touch with your emotions, talk to your primary doctor they can refer you to someone and ask questions! Its important to ask the professional questions such as have you treated someone black or with kids etc. Just know it will be a safe place where there is no one cutting you off, pointing fingers or not listening.

Mental health is okay, you are not alone, we are here for you! I pray if you are dealing with this please seek help and spread your knowledge and resources to your community to make us better and strong.


Self Healing

6 steps of self healing for me.

I am still learning new ways and techniques to self heal. One thing I did learn is that your body can be a self healing organism if you let it.

1.) Exercise Therapy – I do a lot of walking.

2.) Believe in yourself – Finding out your purpose and knowing you can accomplish it. Have self confidence in yourself and learn new things.

3.) Self Motivation- Being happy with what your doing, having passion, getting things done to get where you need to be.

4.) Family and friend support- Have people in your life that understands you, pushes you to be the best and give you good advice to make you better not break you down.

5.) Change Environments- Sometimes you have to change work, where you live or even the people in your life to have a peace of mind.

6.) Meditation- Take a couple minutes everyday to yourself, clear your mind and breath.

And the biggest one of them all praying! What are some ways you do to self heal? Comment below, love to hear your thoughts as I am still learning and working on myself.



One day I pray that the people in the world would understand that we all are human and deserve to be treated equal. No matter what race or ethnicity you are we have to respect each other and know that we are unique in our own ways and shouldn’t be treated like animals because of who we are.

Yes we know that all lives matter as a black person but we say Black Lives Matter too because a lot of people forget that we are human and that our lives should matter too. That we should be treated equal as anyone else and that we shouldn’t be scared to leave our houses everyday not knowing if we are coming back because the color of our skin.

Dear white people,

As black/minorities we need to have a conversation with you white people. With God in our hearts, emotion, empathy and compassion. We need you to hear us! To the white people that say oh well he shouldn’t have had counterfeit money or the police officer was doing his job. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Even if you say oh I’m praying for you guys but don’t teach yourself about our history or do anything or raise awareness. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. To watch this man be handcuff and have almost 200 pound man kneel on his neck til his last breath, if that didn’t make you want to stand up for equality and unity then you are the problem. We need to have a conversation. You can enjoy our music, clothes, go to church with us, have your hair like us but can’t understand our pain. You are the problem. We need to have a conversation dear white people. It’s time to stand up! We want you to understand. It’s time to talk. We are all equal, we are all human and we are all God’s children.
May God bless every one and open every ones minds.

Losing my Dad

2020 has been a rough year for everyone, people losing jobs, losing business, pandemic, death, being quarantine and trying to keep your family safe.

Well unfortunately I lost my dad to Covid19 April 18, 2020. What hurts me the most through this pandemic he was in the hospital alone fighting for his life. And that is going to be something I will have to heal from. My dad was a cool, calm, collective, funny, strong, wise, family oriented, outgoing, loving father and husband. He always was giving advice about life choices or his experiences. He was the greatest man I knew, so much integrity.

We were very close, talked almost everyday, sometimes we would be on the phone for up to a hour or more. He didn’t know but he was my strength, he got me through a lot in life. He taught me to be strong, a hard worker and to always enjoy life. He always said you only get one life, there is no point of stressing over the little things. If you can get it done get it done, If you cant then eventually you will be able to. I would call him crying about life situations and he would just say breath baby girl, God got you. And just that would calm my nerves. We have so much of the same personality that sometimes we would bump heads because we both thought we knew it all. Then later on we would figure out that one of us was right lol.

He was my bestfriend, one of the most important person in my life. I will always keep him in my heart and remember all the good memories. And not let the last few weeks of his life hunt me. I love you dad with all my heart to the moon and back. And you will truly be missed, I pray I make you proud.



When is the right time to get married?

That is a hard question because there are so many successful marriages. People who have dated for two months, a year and who are happily married. Then there is some who dated for 3 years, 5 to 6 years before marriage and are happily married too.

But then there are marriages who have dated two months or a year and are divorced. There’s also people who have dated for 2 to 6 years or longer before marriage and have divorced.

So when is it the right time to get married? I have heard that if a man never brings up marriage to you, then you are not the one for them. Do you think that is true?

For me marriage is a beautiful thing that you will share with someone who completes your whole. I have been married before and with my experience it was the worse decision I made. And I’ am going to be honest. I dated this person for a short period of time, didn’t really get to know him or his family. Then once we were married, a month later he turned to a different person and I tried to hide it from my friends and family until I couldn’t take it anymore. We didn’t make it to a year and he tried to destroy my life after. I’m not saying if you date some one for a short period of time before marriage your marriage will fail. I’m Just explaining my experience and how that didn’t work for me and scared me.

Now back to the original question, for me I rather date the first two years, then be engaged for about 2 or 3 years before marriage. I will never be in a rush to marry anyone ever again, no matter how much I think this person completes me. I just want a bond that no one can break, best friend, lover, protector and God fearing man. Build together, dream together and be each other peace. Marriage will be the topping on the cake.

What are you guys thoughts? Leave a comment or send a message thanks!